2014 Ballot Statement

2016 Ballot Statement

Voters First, NOT Special Interests!

Stop - “Pay-to-Play” government and lawmaking by special interests by eliminating the corrupting influence of money on elections and in government.

Ensure - Politicians and bureaucrats be held accountable for the work they should do for you on Jobs, Education, Housing, Public Safety, Transportation, and the Environment by strongly supporting efforts to increase transparency in government like the California Disclose Act (AB700) and California Clean Money Campaign (www.CAClean.org).

Stop - Special Interests’ exploitation of the “Citizens’ Initiative Loophole” to evade longstanding community development rules, only to transfer the burden of traffic and infrastructure costs onto taxpayers.

Ensure - Veterans and Seniors are connected to services they earned.

Stop - San Onofre Nuclear Power Station owners from charging ratepayers $1,635 per electric meter because of their own negligence.

Ensure - Real Public Utilities Commission reform by increasing outside oversight and transparency, ending cozy relationships between special interests and regulators, posting audits online.

Promise - to remain an independent thinker, welcoming public input, listening with diligence, and collaborating to get things done in Sacramento.

After working my way through Stanford, I earned an MBA from USC and worked in the fields of finance, healthcare, education, and technology. I moved to Carlsbad 18 years ago and have served as a community boardmember with the North County Humane Society / SPCA, Mayfield Community Clinic, and Californians for Electoral Reform (www.CFER.org).

When elected, I’ll work for you with integrity.

Contact:  (760) 659-3755       http://www.KrouseForAssembly.com

Veterans Party of America
Citizens for North County
Eve Simmons, Environmental Champion
California League of Conservation Voters

For 25 years, I've worked in the real world of finance, entrepreneurship, and education. But, I didn’t get an MBA to make a killing on Wall Street.  I have been a Carlsbad homeowner for 16 years, and I have served our community as a board member of the North County Humane Society/SPCA, the Mayfield Community Clinic, and Californians for Electoral Reform.

Let’s start to change it all today.  Send me to Sacramento.

As long as we send the same retread insiders back to Sacramento to cozy up to the fat cats, we will continue to get more failure, worse schools, less economic opportunity, and more taxes.

I want to stand up for citizens in the style of progressive Republican President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, bring back the “Square Deal,” and unleash free enterprise in California again.

  • End pay-to-play government and lawmaking by special interest money;
  • Re-establish the common sense California republic that is accountable to citizens not lobbyists;
  • Create jobs with free market opportunities, and end anti-competitive Sacramento cronyism;
  • Enforce accountability on bureaucrats who fail to do their jobs; and,
  • Connect veterans to the services they earned, and punish criminality like secret waitlists.

Believe it or not, they aren’t actually “crazy” in Sacramento, it’s worse than that - they are swimming in special-interest millions, and the money will keep flowing as long as we send legislators who give their lobbyists special access and give us only lip service. Please send me to Sacramento.  I will fight to:

Thomas Krouse For California Assembly District 76