Incumbent Chavez

Received More Than $200,000 in Special Interest Contributions

Accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from San Onofre owners and telecom monopolies and voted against PUC reform initiative.

Received Campaign Contributions from HSR Contractors/Bidders

Supports Common Core

Received Campaign Contributions from the Prison Guard Union and from Corrections Corp of America (The Largest Private Owner of Prisons in USA)

Only a 15% Score from the California Clean Money Campaign. Voted Against SB-27, SB-1272, AJR-1.

Supports Citizens United Unlimited Campaign Contributions

Failed the Political Courage Test

Policy Positions

5 Minute Candidate Statement at KOCT:

Thomas Krouse

No Special Interest Contributions Accepted

Supports PUC reform and opposes $3.2 Billion San Onofre Settlement

Opposed to $64 Billion Crazy Train

Supports Local Control vs State Control

Opposes Unfunded Federal Prison Mandates and the Use of Privately Owned Prisons

100% Score from the California Clean Money Campaign

Opposes Citizens United Unlimited Campaign Contributions

Passed the Political Courage test


Special Interest Influence

Public Utilities Commission

High Speed Rail

Common Core


Campaign Finance Reform

Unlimited Campaign Contributions

Project Vote Smart

Thomas Krouse For California Assembly District 76